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Century Avionics CC, was formed in 1978, and we have been based at Lanseria Airport, Hangar M1, South Africa since being established.

We are a privately owned Avionics Facility in Southern Africa.. The company is owned by Mr Morné Cilliers, Mr. Marc Robinson and Ms. Carin van Zyl.

The four members have over 70 years of general aviation avionics experience collectively in their respective fields of expertise of which 35 years have been as managers at Century Avionics.

  • Mr. Sam Early consults as Quality Assurance for Century Avionics in order to continue to conform with the various Civil Aviation Authorities that Century Avionics hold AMO Certificates for.

  • In our Finance and Admin Department we are fortunate to have Tanya Emery and Thalita Otto(Bookkeepers), Veronica Vermeulen (Switchboard Operator and Admin Assistant) and Ellen Malatsi (Admin Assistant) who all keep an eagles eye on the financial well being of the company.
    Our driver Meshack Mathibedi who have been with the company for more than ten years and messenger Jabu Theledi, play an important role in the day to day deliveries and collection of parcels and documentation and contribute profoundly to the smooth operation of the company.

  • Mr. Marc Robinson in his capacity as Technical Member, assisted by Desiré Maraun, Emmanual Ranhlangwe and Hendrik Thamage, are the contact people for booking in repairs of avionics, the selling of small spares and will be able to advise you of the status or the progress on a repairable item.

  • Mr. Morné Cilliers assumes the position as Accountable Manager for Century Avionics AMO3.

Our avionics maintenance/repair workshop, situated on the first floor in Hangar M1, Lanseria airport, is staffed by Morné Cilliers, the Accountable Manager (owner, qualified and licensed), Gary Briedenhan (qualified and licensed), Rico Carstens (qualified), Ian du Preez (qualified) and apprentices. Jaco van der Zee handles all instrument and autopilot repairs and maintenance.

  • Mr. Clinton Farla, (Installation Manager, PPL, qualified & licensed) in the installations workshop assisted by Asjiek Ajam (qualified), Jimmy Ferreira (qualified),Marnus Oosthuizen and apprentices carry out installations of avionics and do repairs of aircraft wiring on Lanseria Airport.

    Working closely with the installations department we have William Baloyi who has approximately 15 years of sheet metal experience, assisting with mounting of antennas, mounting of radio trays, support brackets as well as routing of harnesses for avionics installations.
  • In our Sales office we have Carin van Zyl (owner, National Diploma - Electrical Engineering in Avionics and National Higher Diploma in Post School Education) and Mr. Marc Robinson (owner, qualified and licensed) assisted by Rhode-Mari Du Plessis and Sarah-Jane van Rooyen. Rhode and Sarah handle “Handheld” sales and does inventory control in the unit stores. Carin concentrates on the “Panel mount” sales and Marius the marketing of the company. The Sales team is also present at some of the airshows around the country. Century Avionics carries the consignment stock for suppliers like Honeywell and Garmin for the support of PC12 fleet in Africa, Cessna and Piper South Africa. While we have your unit repaired and or returned to the factory for service exchange, we are able to keep you flying. We also have a range of loaner equipment to support our customers should flight schedules not allow for normal repair times.

We operate under our South African Aircraft Maintenance Organisation License AMO 3. We supply products to a network of dealers covering South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland.

We are committed to training and development – all our technical staff study on a day to day basis, one of the requirements to keep abreast of the latest technology in the Aviation Industry.

We are actively participating and have submitted our workplace skills plan. Century Avionics has voluntary submitted our equity plan indicating that we are seriously committed to employment equity.
When we do our procurement we endeavour to support BEE Companies if possible.

A) Distributorships  
1. EuroAvionics since 1997
  • Sales
  • Sole approves service centre in South Africa
2. Honeywell (Allied Signal / Bendix King) since 1978
  • Sales. We have been in the top 20 group of international sales for many years.
  • Approved Service centre.
3. Garmin since 1990
  • Sales. Top 10 group of international sales for many years.
  • Only Approved Service centre in South Africa.
4.Garmin AT (UPS Aviation Technologies/Apollo)

since 1997

  • Sales
5. L3 Communications (Goodrich) since 1992
  • Sales.
  • Only Approved Service Centre for Stormscopes in Africa.
6. Freeflight (Trimble/ Terra)  
  • Sales.
  • Service centre.
7. Narco since 1978
  • Sales Master Distributor.
  • Approved Service centre.
8. KGS-Electronics. since 1994
  • Sales. Sole distributor in South Africa.
  • Sole approved service centre.
9.Skyforce since 1997
  • Sales.
10. Avidyne since 2002
  • Sales.
  • Installation Center.
11. Avionics Innovations since 1999
  • Sales.
12. David Clark since 2001
  • Sales and repairs.
13.STEC / Meggit since 2000
  • Sales.
14. Other  
Richardson Electronics  
Adams Aviation  
Dallas Avionics  
MCA GAllet  
Airshow Sales since 1996
Icom Sales and repair since 1997
Insight Sales since 1996
Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics Sales since 1999
Northern Airborne Technologies  
Northport System Inc. Sales since 1996
PS Engineering Sales since 1996
Sandel Sales since 1997
Telephonics Sales and repair since 2000
HR Smith Sales since 2002
Flightcell Sales since 2006
Bose    Sales and repair since 2005
Aspen Avionics Sales since 2007
Sennheiser Sales since 2004
Airbox Sales Since 2011
Blulink Sales since 2010

B) Technical Abilities.


The Repair of the following type of equipment;  
  • Radar
  • DME
  • Transponder
  • Stormscope. WX-1000, WX-900, WX-950, WX-500
  • Nav Receivers and Convertors
  • VHF/ UHF/ HF Transceivers
  • Audio Systems
  • ADF
  • GPS Systems
  • EFIS
  • Convertors
  • Invertors
  • ELT's
  • GPWS
  • Radar Altimeters
  • Euronav

C) Installation Capabilities.

  • All of the above equipment.
  • TCAS I & II.
  • EGPWS.
  • FLIR.
  • IHAS
  • MFD
  • FDR
  • CVR
  • Nightsun SX-16.
  • A number of complex electronic installations.

D) Type of aircraft we have experience on;

  • The Beechcraft range of GA aircraft.
  • The Piper range of GA Aircraft.
  • The Cessna range of GA aircraft (except Citation 10)
  • The Pilatus PC-12, PC6 & PC7.
  • The Eurocopter BO-105, BK-117, AS-350 B2 & B3, Dauphine, Super Puma, Allouette.
  • The Eurocopter B3, B4, EC-120, EC-130, EC-135
  • Bell Jet Ranger, Long Ranger, 222, 430.
  • Hughes 500, 300.
  • Augusta 109,119
  • BA,  HS748, HS-125.
  • Let 410, Antonov 2,12,8,28.
  • Mooney range of aircraft including Ovation & TLS.
  • Robinson R22 & R44.
  • MD DC3, DC4, DC6.
  • Cirrus SR22
  • Embraer 110 Banderante & 120
  • Islander
  • Twin Otter DHC-6
  • and others

Honeywell, Olathe, USA, Garmin UK, L3 Communications USA and Rockwell Collins may be used from time to time as a subcontractor only in instances where Century Avionics do not have the capability to repair the avionics equipment in-house. We envisage this on a non-regular basis as Century Avionics has the capability to repair and maintain the Avionics equipment in the fleet of aircraft that we support.          

Labour rates: Century Avionics Labour rates are:
  Workshop Repair and Maintenance - R450.00 per hour excluding VAT
    R513.00 per hour including VAT.

Business Objectives:
Century Avionics history indicates that we could anticipate a continuous steady growth in an increasingly improving and exciting Aviation industry by providing the most efficient service to our customers - existing and new - by striving to excel in what we do - AVIONICS.

With our expertise, well-established suppliers network and relations and efficiency we will continue to focus our efforts on our core business not excluding the possibility of widening our horisons should opportunities present itself.


We are loyal to our products/brands and their suppliers/manufaturers - not only selling product through extensive product knowledge, but standing by it  - maintenance and installation support.
We, as the owners, have a personal interest in succeeding and keeping and making Century Avionics the best Avionics support facility.

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